THE HILLS OF PROSECCO UNESCO HERITAGE – The prosecco vineyard spread first in the Gorizia area, then, passing through Venice, in Dalmatia, in the Vicenza area and in the Treviso area. Over the centuries, production in the area of origin has decreased, while it has developed more and more in the surroundings of treviso and in particular in the hills of Conegliano, Asolo and Valdobbiadene. the word “prosecco” appears for the first time in the small poem “il roccolo ditirambo“, composed in 1754 by Valeriano Canati “…and now i’d like to put my beak in that apple-scented prosecco … “. From 7 july 2019, the prosecco hills are a world heritage site.

Grapes: 100% glera
Origin: Treviso
Winemaking e refinement: Delicate sparkling wine, obtained directly from the refermentation of the wine in small stainless steel autoclaves at low temperature for a whole process that lasts about 45 days.
Color: pale yellow with fine and persistent perlage.
Bouquet: Finely fruity, delicate, aromatic, bilance and very elegant bouquet.
Taste: Clean, soft, reminiscent of green apple.
Alcohol by volume: 11%
Serving temperature: 6-8 °
Consumption: Excellent aperitif, ideal accompaniment to first courses.