THE MYTH – Legend has it that the mythical Greek hero Diomedes, after the Trojan war, set sail with his ship, loaded with stones collected from the walls of the conquered city, used as ballast, heading for the Adriatic, up to go up the Ofanto river, where it reached an ideal landing place, delimiting with those same stones, such as boundary stones, the surrounding territories, from that moment known as Campi Diomedei. On those same banks, it is said that Diomede planted those vine shoots that, as a reminder of the war campaign, he had brought with him and which later gave rise to the Grape of Troy.

Grapes: 100% Troia grapes
Origin: Wine emblem of the Murgia Barese.
Vinification and aging: Maceration in stainless steel silos, with control of the fermentation temperature. Stainless steel for five months: one month in large wooden barrels and two months in the bottle.
Color: Bright ruby red color, with purple and red berries.
Bouquet: Its fresh, intense aroma, with a delicate, pleasantly persistent tannin, with spicy and fruity notes.
Taste: Full, round, soft and full-bodied flavor.
Food matches: It goes well with many meat dishes, even in savory or spicy preparations, up to game dishes.
Alcohol by volume: 14%