Vini Marchio

Primitivo IGT Puglia

The origins of Primitivo are uncertain, but it is believed that the vine is of Dalmatian origin and that it was brought to Puglia more than 2000 years ago by the ancient people of the Illyrians. Its name certainly derives from the early ripening of the grapes. In 1700 don Francesco Filippi Indelicati, priest of Gioia del Colle, noticed that a red grape variety ripened much earlier than the others, already in mid-August. This vine was called in the local dialect ``Zagarese``, but was renamed with the term ``Primitivo`` from the Latin ``Primativus`` because of its earlyripening.

Grapes: 100% PRIMITIVE
Vinification and aging: Maceration in stainless steel silos, with control of the fermentation temperature. Stainless steel for 6/10 months: wooden barrique and two months in the bottle.
Color: Primitivo in purity where we find the main characteristics of this ancient and noble Apulian vine. Garnet red color with ruby reflections.
Aroma: In the scents it recalls the fruit in jam, with a full and soft flavor.
Food matches: Primitivo goes well with grilled, roasted, stewed meats, game, cured meats and meat-based first courses. Also excellent in combination with rich soups and aged cheeses.
Taste: full and soft flavor, continues with thefloral towards drying.
Alcohol by volume: 14.5%